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Commercial metal roof in Knoxville Tennessee, has leaks in the skylights. You can see cracks in the skylights. Roof has rust all across. Looks like it has been previously worked on, ceiling is cracked and damaged. We will be using Aldo for the repairs to seal up cracks.

Cracking fiberglass skylight on metal roof

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    This is a video of the commercial roof inspection
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    Crack in fiberglass skylight that is causing leaks on a commercial roof in Knoxville, TN.

    There’s a crack in the fiberglass skylight on a metal roof. Lightspeed construction is proposing to repair leaking skylights using Aldo Metal Roof Coating. Most of the roof has rust across. Previously worked on but has many cracks.

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Previous work that is now cracking

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    Sealant cracking

    This is work that has previously been done. It is now cracking and coming up. Litespeed will he proposing to repair all of this damage.

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Rust across most of metal roof.

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    Rust across metal roof

    Metal roof has rust lines going across. 

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Sealant cracking at the edge of metal roof

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    Sealant coming up

    This is a picture of what looks to be previous repairs that have been done. This will need to be scraped off and prepped, Litespeed will be using Aldo for the repairs.

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