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Roof Storm Damage Near Knoxville, TN? We help you get your roof repaired fast!

Recent storm damage? We can help!

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The resources on this page may help you get through the chaos that happens right after a storm. 

You’ve got out-of-town contractors knocking on your door,  the electricity unreliable, and possibly a tree through your roof. What do you do? 

We can help you stop the roof problems fast. And… we’re local, so we’ll still be here in 6 months to do a followup. 

After a storm, it’s essential to evaluate and repair any damage to your home, especially the roof. For residents near Knoxville, TN, finding trusted professionals who specialize in roof storm damage can be a priority. Our team understands the challenges of post-storm damage and is here to help.

Tips for Handling Storm Damage:

  1. Safety First: Always ensure the safety of your family first. If you believe there’s structural damage, it’s best to vacate the property and call for professional help.
  2. Document Everything: Take clear pictures of all damages. This will help with insurance claims and when discussing repair needs with professionals.
  3. Contact Insurance: Notify your insurance company about the damage. They might send an adjuster to estimate repairs.
  4. Cover the Damage: Use tarps or plywood to temporarily cover damaged areas and prevent further water intrusion.
  5. Seek Local References: Before hiring any roofer, ask friends, family, or neighbors for references. Be sure to check Google reviews.
  6. Avoid Accidental Contracts: If you need emergency services like Tarping, and it’s not from a local roofer, pay out of pocket. It’s better to get the money back from your insurance later than to enter into a full roofing contract by accident.
  7. Beware of Scams: Storms unfortunately attract some unscrupulous contractors. Be cautious about whom you hire.

Common Types Of Storm Damage

Local Roofer vs. Out-of-town Roofer

FactorsLocal RooferOut-of-town Roofer
Familiarity with Local CodesHighly familiar; works here regularly.Might not be fully aware.
Availability for Follow-upsAvailable and nearby for future needs.Might leave town after job completion.
Reputation within the CommunityEstablished reputation and accountability.Unknown or no local reputation.
Understanding of Local WeatherAware of local weather patterns and needs.Might not fully understand local specifics.
Investment in Local EconomyMoney spent stays in the community.Earnings might be taken out-of-town.
Emergency Response TimeTypically faster due to proximity.Might be slower or unavailable.

How to Determine if a Roofer is Local:

  1. Phone Number: Check the area code to make sure it’s local.
  2. Physical Address: Ensure the roofer has a local office or physical address, not just a P.O. Box.
  3. Web Page: The contact page of a local roofer’s website will usually list a local address. 
  4. Ask for References: A genuine local roofer will have local references you can speak with.
  5. Check Google Business Profile: Search the business name on Google. Your contractor should have a local profile listed.
  6. Look for Local Reviews: Online reviews from local residents can give insight into the roofer’s reputation in the community.
  7. Check Duration of Operation: Ask how long they’ve been serving the community.

Did you sign a roofing contract too soon?

Storms bring in a bunch of out-of-town roofers. We call them “storm chasers.” They travel from town to town following a storm map.

Sometimes, storm chasers are scammers. Often, they’re real roofers, but from another state. They usually have no long term stake in making sure your new roof lasts. 

Storm-chasers share one thing in common: high pressure to sign a contract. Here are a few things you need to know about roofing contracts. 

  1. In Tennessee, valid contracts must contain the price and what is being offered. If the contract doesn’t contain a price for the services you’re receiving, it’s nonenforceable. 
  2. You have 3 days (72 hours) to cancel your contract. The law allows you this cooling off period to think about your purchase and change your mind. You must terminate the contract in writing. 
  3. If you’re filing an insurance claim, you’ll want your contractor to have a contractor’s license that’s valid in Tennessee. 
  4. You can accidentally commit to more than you think. By signing a contract and authorizing the roofer to go after insurance proceeds for tarping your roof, you may be locking yourself into working with that roofer throughout the entire claim. 
  5. A reputable contractor will not ask for money upfront or when you sign the contract. It’s typical for the first payment to fall on or around the date of materials delivery to your property.

Why choose Litespeed Construction?

We’re not just any service; we are specialists for fast recovery from roof storm damage in Knoxville, TN.  We know the unique challenges of our area.

  • Expert Assessments: Our team conducts thorough inspections to identify all storm-related damages to your roof. 
  • Quality Repairs: Using top-grade materials and expert techniques, we ensure that your roof is not only repaired but also fortified against future storms.
  • Local Understanding: Being in Knoxville means we are familiar with common issues faced by homes in and around the area. We also service Lenoir City, Farragut, Oak Ridge, Dandridge, and many other areas. 
  • Insurance Experts: We know how to help you navigate a claim. We also know when it’s best to file claim and when not to. 

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