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Why Winterize Your HOA, Apartment Complex, or Business Roofs?

Ever wonder why you have more leaks in the winter?

It’s because buildings, especially roofs, have to be made ready for your climate. Here are 5 reasons why Litespeed Construction winterizes customer roofs to save them money.

Let us winterize your roofs for you, and we’ll throw in a free tune-up for your gutters — for every roof you manage. 

  1. Summer heat may have caused cracking or expansion around flashings, which can result in leaks.
  2. Hail and strong winds can damage tiles, shingles and even flat roofing.
  3. Sun Roofs and Sun Tunnels can need to be caulked. 
  4. Cold weather can make bad shingles brittle. Make sure your shingles can take the upcoming cold.
  5. Gutters can cause roof leaks. Gutters need to be tuned up each winter to make sure clogs, leaks or icing don’t introduce new problems.

To ensure the properties you manage are winter-ready, schedule a roof inspection. Litespeed Construction, one of the most trusted roofing companies in Knoxville, TN, offers a FREE Roof Inspection, where the condition of your roof is thoroughly evaluated and we can address any problems before this coming winter.

Roof Service Agreements

Litespeed Construction Service Agreements help take the worry out of managing your properties. After an inspection, we make recommendations for any immediate repairs needed. We can then issue a service agreement for your buildings. We inspect and do routine maintenance twice per year. If you have any problems, we come out and fix them. In the case of catastrophic damage, we work directly with your insurance provider to minimize headaches for you.

Call us today to schedule your roof assessment – 865-297-3286.

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The Top 5 Reasons You Should
Winterize Your Roof

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