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Comparing Metal Roofing and Shingle Roofing in Knoxville, TN

Should you choose a metal roof or shingle roof?

Are you trying to decide if a metal roof or shingle roof is better for you? We created this guide to help you choose the right roofing material for your Knoxville, TN home.

In this comprehensive comparison, we’ll explore the advantages and disadvantages of metal roofs and shingle roofs, helping you make an informed decision.

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Roof price comparison across 3-tab shingles, architectural shingles, classic rib metal & standing seam metal.

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Comparing Metal Roofs & Shingle Roofs

Aspect Metal Roofs Shingle Roofs
Durability - Excellent durability, resistant to hail, high winds, and extreme temperature fluctuations. - Moderate durability, may suffer damage from hail and strong winds over time.
Temperature - Reflective properties help keep homes cooler in hot summers. - May absorb heat, potentially increasing cooling costs in summer.
Rain and Moisture - Resistant to moisture, preventing mold and mildew growth. - Susceptible to moisture damage if not properly maintained.
Snow and Ice - Shed snow and ice easily, reducing the risk of ice dams. - Ice dams may form, leading to water leaks and damage.
Hail Resistance - Highly resistant to hail damage, minimizing repair costs. - Vulnerable to hail damage, leading to costly repairs or replacements.
Wind Resistance - Exceptional wind resistance, ideal for withstanding storms. - Moderate wind resistance; may require regular maintenance in windy areas.
Longevity - Can last 50+ years with minimal maintenance. - Typically lasts 20-30 years with proper care.
Maintenance - Low maintenance, occasional inspections suffice. - Moderate maintenance, including periodic shingle replacement.
Energy Efficiency - Reflective properties reduce cooling costs in summers. - May require additional insulation for energy efficiency.
Aesthetic Options - Offers modern styles and finishes for a contemporary look. - Classic and versatile appearance with various color options.
Environmental Impact - Eco-friendly, often made from recyclable materials. - Less eco-friendly due to asphalt composition; can contribute to landfill waste.

What You Need To Know About Getting A Metal Roof

Long Lasting & Durable

  • Metal roofs are renowned for their exceptional lifespan, often lasting 50 years or more.
  • They are highly resistant to harsh weather conditions, including hail, wind, and rain.
  • Metal roofs require minimal maintenance, making them a low-hassle option.

Energy Efficient & Eco-friendly

  • Metal roofs are excellent for energy efficiency, reflecting sunlight and reducing cooling costs.
  • They are eco-friendly, often made from recyclable materials, and can be recycled at the end of their life.
  • Metal roofs can be equipped with solar panels for further energy savings.

Customizable Featuring Great Curb Appeal 

  • Modern metal roofing comes in various styles, colors, and finishes, allowing for customization.
  • Options like standing seam and metal tiles can give your home a unique, contemporary look.
  • Contrary to common misconceptions, metal roofs can be visually appealing.

Top 3 Questions We Get Asked About Metal Roofs

  • Are metal roofs noisy? 
    No, modern metal roofs are designed with insulation layers that minimize noise during rain or hail.

  • How long do metal roofs last in Knoxville, TN?
    Metal roofs are renowned for their longevity, typically lasting 40-70 years compared to a shingle roof’s 15-25 years. Knoxville’s moderate climate with occasional extreme weather further supports their lifespan.

  • Are metal roofs more expensive?
    Yes, the initial cost is higher. But cost of ownership over time may actually be lower if the roof is properly maintained. 

Two Most Popular Metal Roof Types: Standing Seam & Classic Rib Metal Roofing

Standing Seam Metal Roofs:

standing seam metal roofing panelStanding seam metal roofs are known for their modern, sleek appearance and exceptional durability. They are characterized by raised seams that interlock, providing a continuous vertical line along the roof’s surface. These roofs are commonly used in both residential and commercial buildings. These roofs offer excellent protection against high wind, hail, rain & snow. The interlocking seam prevents water from seeping between the panels. 

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Classic Rib Metal Roofs:

classic rib metal roofing panelClassic Rib metal roofs are recognized for their traditional appearance and versatility, making them a popular choice for various architectural styles. These roofs feature a series of raised ribs or grooves that run horizontally across the panels, creating a timeless and familiar aesthetic. Classic Rib roofs are often used in residential, commercial, and industrial applications. 

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Metal Roofing Colors

Metal Roofing Colors - Knoxville, TN

More About Metal Roof Repair - Knoxville, TN

Graphic showing location of metal transition flashing.
Metal Roof

Metal Roof Transition Flashing

Metal Roof Transition Flashing prevents leakage at the point where two different roof pitches meet. Flatter transitions require more flashing on lower side.

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Photo of a metal roof valley.
Metal Roof

Metal Roof Valley

A metal roof valley is a specially designed channel, typically made of metal, placed at the intersection where two sloping roof sections meet. It helps manage water runoff.

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Photo of metal roof purlins.
Metal Roof

Metal Roof Purlins

A purlin is a horizontal board on roofs for attaching metal. They span the roof deck, are spaced 3 feet apart, and are fixed to the rafter. Radiant barriers can replace felt under purlins for a better underlayment.

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Photo of red metal roof with eave and gable flashing.
Metal Roof

Metal Gable and Eave Flashing

Gable flashing is a metal trim piece installed along the gable of a roof. Eave flashing runs under roofing and into gutter. Both are designed to keep your home watertight.

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What You Need To Know About Getting A Shingle Roof

Versatile & Traditional

  • Shingle roofs are a popular choice among homeowners due to their classic, timeless appearance.
  • Available in a wide range of colors and styles, shingles can complement any architectural design.
  • They are typically more budget-friendly than metal roofs, making them an attractive option for many.

Shingle Roof Durability and Maintenance

  • Shingle roofs have a good lifespan, often lasting 20-30 years with proper maintenance.
  • Regular inspections and minor repairs can extend their longevity.
  • Keep in mind that shingle roofs may require periodic maintenance, such as shingle replacement.

Energy Efficiency and Insulation

  • Shingle roofs offer decent insulation but may not be as energy-efficient as metal roofs.
  • Reflective shingles can help reduce heat absorption, enhancing energy efficiency.
  • Proper attic insulation can further improve the energy performance of shingle roofs.

Top 3 Questions We Get Asked About Shingle Roofs

  • What’s the best type of roof for Knoxville weather? 
    Asphalt shingles are the most common and affordable roofing option for Knoxville’s climate. However, consider upgrading to impact-resistant asphalt shingles for better hail protection or explore longer-lasting options like  metal if your budget allows.

  • How often do I need to replace my shingle roof in Knoxville, TN?
    Expect to replace asphalt shingles every 15-25 years in Knoxville. Factors affecting lifespan include shingle quality, installation, maintenance, and weather exposure. Inspect your roof regularly for signs of wear and tear.

  • How much does it cost to repair a shingle roof in Knoxville, TN?
    Repair costs vary depending on the damage and size of the area. Simple repairs start around $250 (if we’re able to fix it during the service call with the materials we have with us). If you need a more extensive repair, we generate a free repair estimate before any work is done. 

Shingle Roof Replacement in Knoxville, TN

More About Shingle Roof Repair - Knoxville, TN

Image of roofing contractor in Knoxville TN Fixing A Roof Leak
Commercial Roof Repair

What Is A Roofing Contractor?

Understanding the role of a roofing contractor is essential for homeowners, especially when dealing with roof installations, repairs, or maintenance. In this blog post, we’ll explore what a roofing contractor does, the importance of hiring one, and how Litespeed Construction in Knoxville, TN, stands out in this field.

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Skylights & Sun Tunnels


Skylights and sun tunnels both have pros and cons that come down to the homeowner’s personal preference and budget. 

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Skylights & Sun Tunnels


Vented skylights open and allow outside air in, and whether or not they are worth it depends on your needs and preferences. Vented skylights allow airflow, while fixed skylights do not. The ventilation offers a fan-free way to naturally cool your home. 

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Skylights & Sun Tunnels


Sun tunnel installation can cost between $900 to $2000 depending on the steepness and height of your roof and the type of frame of your home. This cost does not include any new drywall, paint, or alterations to the home’s frame that may be involved.

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Skylights & Sun Tunnels


Sun tunnels, while a popular choice for bringing natural light into dark places in the home, have a few major drawbacks to consider.

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Skylights & Sun Tunnels


A skylight can cost between $850 and $2500 depending on several different
factors, such as how many skylights you’re installing, the steepness of your roof,
and where you live

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