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Our Guarantee

At Litespeed, we understand that a new roof or roofing repair is not just an investment in your home—it’s an investment in peace of mind. That’s why we are dedicated to providing our customers with solid guarantees and warranties that ensure your roofing project is protected well into the future. Our commitment to your satisfaction shines through our offering of comprehensive warranty options and terms of service.

Workmanship Warranty - Litespeed Construction

When you choose us for your roofing and gutter replacement needs, you benefit from our robust 10-year workmanship warranty provided under the Litespeed Construction umbrella. This warranty covers any issues arising from the installation process, ensuring that any defects in workmanship are rectified without any additional cost to you for a decade.

GAF Factory Certified Warranty

As a GAF Factory Certified Contractor, we offer extended warranty coverage that is among the best in the industry. Depending on the materials and extent of GAF products used, you can opt for enhanced protection:

25-Year Workmanship Warranty: Available when you incorporate a certain number of GAF products into your roofing project.

50-Year Materials Warranty: This guarantees that the roofing materials used are free from defects for up to 50 years, providing you with long-term security.

These warranties are transferable, adding value to your home should you decide to sell. For more information about residential roof warranties visit the GAF Warranty page.

GAF Factory Certified Repair Warranties

For those opting for repairs using GAF products, we can offer different levels of GAF Factory Certified Warranties. These warranties vary based on the quantity and type of GAF materials used:

Basic Level: Utilizing two types of GAF materials.

Standard Level: Involves three GAF materials.

Premium Level: Engaging five different GAF materials.

These tiered options provide flexibility and increased protection based on your specific needs and investment in brand-name materials.For more information about residential roof repair warranties visit the GAF Warranty page.

Repair Policies and Warranties

Repairs and Follow-Up

We are realistic about the challenges of roof repairs. While we strive to fix all issues on the first visit, we understand that some problems may reoccur. For this reason, repairs generally do not come with a warranty. However, we offer one free follow-up visit for the same leak, ensuring that if the issue persists, we’ll return to address it at no additional charge.

Terms of Service

Our terms of service are designed to be transparent and customer-focused, ensuring you know exactly what to expect from our engagement:

Yard Magnet Policy: Post-installation, we ensure that all debris, including nails and metal pieces, is removed from your yard using powerful magnets. We magnet your driveway and yard twice to remove all nails to the best of our abilities.

Price Per Board Replacement: In the event that roof decking needs replacement, we provide a clear and upfront cost per board, ensuring no surprises.

Estimate Notification: Before any additional work is performed, we notify you with a detailed estimate, giving you control over your roofing project’s scope and budget.


Attic Debris: Litespeed Construction is not responsible for (small) roofing debris that falls into the attic during installation.

Nail Penetration: Litespeed Construction is not responsible for electrical wiring, plumbing or HVAC lines that might be within the nail penetration areas of any roof, soffit, gutter or wall areas.

Repairs: Litespeed Construction will attempt to match the colors of roofing, siding or gutter as best as possible.


Extra Materials: Extra materials belong to Litespeed Construction at the completion of the project, and unused materials do not qualify for a discount.

Special Order Materials: Special order materials, such as metal roofing packages and designer shingles, require a deposit prior to material delivery. See contract for payment schedule.

Attic Exhaust Vents: Attic exhaust vents are included in re-roof projects. Attic intake vents are not included unless otherwise specified. Litespeed Construction only assumes responsibility for roof ventilation that we install.

Repairs: Roof repairs will include one follow up visit, but do not come with a warranty, unless specified.

Material Warranties: Material warranties furnished by manufacturer, not Litespeed Construction.

Mold: Litespeed Construction replaces rot in roof components. If we see mold, we will notify you. Litespeed Construction does not remove mold.


Accepted Payments: Litespeed Construction accepts personal checks, cashiers checks, cash, and credit cards. Credit card payments must be approved by the project manager prior to beginning the project. A Certificate Of Completion is required for credit card payments over $500.

Financing: Financing may be utilized as an option for payment of your roofing project, and Litespeed Construction will accept financing payments through agreed upon third party vendors. Litespeed Construction itself does not provide financing services.

Payments Due: 50% payment on material drop. 50% on completion. All invoices not paid in full after 15 days will be charged 1.5% per month interest.

Roofing Guarantees in Knoxville, TN | Litespeed Construction

Our guarantee is designed to provide you with confidence and assurance from start to finish. Whether it’s a new roof or a necessary repair, we’re here to support you every step of the way with industry-leading warranties and a commitment to excellence. Trust us to protect your home—and your peace of mind.

For any further questions or to discuss your roofing needs in detail, please contact us directly. We’re here to help ensure your home remains safe and beautifully protected for years to come.

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