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Do Dark Colored Roofs Need More Ventilation?

Proper roof ventilation makes your roof last longer.

Standard roof ventilation allows the air to breathe into your soffits or gable vents and through the ridge vents. The color should not make a difference in how much ventilation is needed.

Are Dark Roofs Hotter?

Do Dark Roofs Require More ventilation? Yes, theoretically, dark-colored roofs can make your attic hotter as they absorb more UV rays than lighter-colored roofs. Your roofing material can also affect how much heat becomes trapped in your attic, as well as attic insulation and attic venting.

However, there is not a lot of stable evidence to suggest that black or dark-colored roofs will change the temperature of your attic by a noteworthy amount of degrees.


Should I use builder's grade shingles when re-roofing my home?

Reroofing your home with builders-grade shingles is not recommended and should be done at your own risk. While slightly more expensive, higher-quality shingles can last 15-30 years, many homeowners begin to see problems requiring repairs after just 5 years with builders-grade shingles.

Shingle Process

Photo of ice and water shield layer under shingles.

How is a new shingle roof installed? Litespeed Construction explains in six steps with photos.