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Cheap Roofs Are Expensive

Why are cheap roofs expensive?

Everyone wants the best for their new project. In reality, there are a lot of things that can go wrong with a roof. At Litespeed Construction, we stay attentive to those potential pitfalls and use only high-quality construction materials. In contrast, low cost roofers (the cheapest estimate) use cheaper materials, frequently cut corners, and generally don’t deliver on long-term promises.

Of all the things that we see and hear about problems with roof jobs, we’ve learned one fact above everything else: Cheap roofs are expensive. 

With better quality construction materials,  a highly trained roofing team, and attention to details, you get better results. That means fewer repair costs, longer life for the roof, warranties on materials and workmanship, and a better bump to your investment value.

Cheap roofs are expensive, so make the right decision up front and purchase quality. You’ll be happier and more comfortable, and save money in the long term.

Consider this example: Tom and Bill each need a roof repair of similar scope. They get the same set of estimates. Tom elects the low-cost estimate, while Bill chooses an apparently higher price because he likes the warranties.

• Three months later, a hail storm comes through. The more expensive shingles on Bill’s house are impact resistant and take no damage. Some of Tom’s low-cost shingles are broken, and most show little indentations where the hail has struck.  Tom needs repairs.

• A year later, a wind storm comes through. Tom’s low-cost shingles were only held down by two nails per shingle (to save cost) and had been placed with no edge guard, so wind could get under them. Many of his shingles are ripped off and he has to have repairs made.

• Five years later, Bill’s “higher cost” shingles still look great. Unfortunately, Tom’s lower cost shingles are not color-change resistant or algae resistant. Tom’s roof has began to streak and change color. Tom is now stuck with his streaked roof, or facing replacement costs. Bill’s “higher cost” roof is still looking great, has been free of damage, and has incurred no additional cost.

Who got the better value on their roof? It wasn’t the cheap roof (lower estimate). 

Cheap roofs are expensive: Life lesson #1 – You get what you pay for.

 We’ve all heard the advice. But have you ever really considered it? For some purchases, a cheap solution makes sense, because it can be easily replaced. That’s not the case for your roof.

 A great roof will last  15 to 50 years. A cheap roof will last 5 to 10 years — or less.

 With a Litespeed Construction Roofing System, your materials and workmanship are warrantied, and with any quality roofing contractor, details are key. The details determine the overall success of your roof for decades to come.

 Guess what… low cost providers frequently cut corners on the details, and that doesn’t always show right away. It can be several months or even a few years before you start to notice the problems. Sometimes, the workmanship can even be perfect, but the discount construction materials fail.

Cheap roofs are expensive: Life lesson #2 – Roof leaks When roofing systems fail, water gets into your attic, your walls, and your house. Water damage costs can be astronomical. With many cheap roofs, leaks aren’t considered beyond the top layer of shingles. The truth is, the leak can occur in the shingle, the nail hole, the flashing, the edge, the caulk, the boards under the roof, or in the protective barrier between the boards and your shingles. And then, the leak can travel and show up someplace entirely different in your home. Leaks aren’t always easy to fix. You don’t get that kind of attention with a cheap roof.  Components of the Pink Roofing System - Owens Corning Oakridge

A quality roofing system requires three distinct components to work properly. The defend portion (shingles or metal roofing) is the only part that most homeowners ever see or think about. To make your roof last for years, we have to consider the complete roof, and often, the gutters, since they help keep water away from your home’s structure. 

With a complete roofing system like Litespeed offers, you can be sure that all possibilities for leaks, even the weird & rare possibilities, will be considered. We workmanship warranty our work, so we make sure the job is done right… and that’s not always the cheapest path in a roof replacement.

Cheap roofs are expensive: Life lesson #3 – Frequent Repairs

It’s difficult to say when any roof will need a repair. BUT, outside of natural disaster, you can bet on the fact that a cheap roof will need a repair faster. The quality of your materials play into this heavily. With quality manufacturers like Owens Corning, IKO, Atlas or GAF, materials simply last longer. The grit on the shingle doesn’t come off as easily. Some of the higher end shingles are resistant to hail damage and falling limbs up to a certain size. Other higher quality shingles feature a no-streak guarantee. Others are guaranteed not to fade. Cheap roofs are prone to
  • Blown off shingles
  • Leaks
  • Loosing their grit
  • Discoloration and/or streaking
  • Breaking
  • Showing damage easily
  • Becoming Brittle
  • Curling
 All of Litespeed Construction’s material vendors undergo strict quality control procedures. All of our vendors believe in their products. For this reason, Litespeed Construction is able to offer you long-term warranties that cover our construction materials.

Cheap roofs are expensive: Life lesson #4 – Poor Workmanship

Have you heard the story about the roof contractor that never showed up, or the one who was taking down payments and never finishing the work? Have you heard the story about the low-cost roofing contractor whose work failed just a few weeks after completion – on a “lifetime” roof?

We hear a LOT of roofing horror stories. They all involve the same thing: the homeowner took the lowest estimate. A quality roof does cost more. One of the reasons is personnel. Certified professionals that care about what they are doing cost more to hire. Roofing contractors that care about your work will always watch out for the details that mean long term success, and you can’t do that on cheap labor.

Litespeed Construction offers a No Leak Guarantee and a Workmanship Warranty on every project we do. A quality roof will have a long life, be hassle free, and look great doing it.

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