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Cracking fiberglass skylight on metal roof

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    This is a video of the commercial roof inspection
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    Crack in fiberglass skylight that is causing leaks on a commercial roof in Knoxville, TN.

    There’s a crack in the fiberglass skylight on a metal roof. Lightspeed construction is proposing to repair leaking skylights using Aldo Metal Roof Coating. Most of the roof has rust across it. Previously worked on but has many cracks.

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    ALDO 385 Sealant

    We recommend coating all screws and penetrations with Aldo 385. 

    Aldo 385 is designed as a protective sealant during the detailed phase of complete elastomeric roof coating restoration work. This product is formulated to seal fasteners and seams and penetrations on metal roof systems, seams, and penetrations. Below is a picture of a roof where Ald 385 has been used.

    This is a picture of a flat roof.

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