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Tarps Over Storm Damages to Roof

  1. 1
    Existing Chimney was Struck by a Tree

    This Chimney was struck by a tree and fell on the roof causing damage to the eve of the roof.

    There does not appear to be any structural damages other than impact to the edge of the roof.

    Chimney is in rubble from tree impact

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  2. 2
    This Damage is from Tree Hitting a Chimney

    The roof eve was damaged by falling chimney

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  3. 3
    The Roof Deck Boards are Impacted Here

    The Roof Boards are Comprimised here not Surprising

    Deck Boards are Impacted

    The fact that these areas have an impact on the deck boards is not surprising. These boards appear to be very old and the rest of the roof deck was checked.

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