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Insurance claim: Tree caused roof damage

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    Matching Law in TN

    The point of the matching law is to have a guideline for when an attempt is made to match the old and new shingles and the result is not a good match. The Matching Law states that faded, discolored, discontinued, or even weathered-looking shingles would require the insurance company to replace the items in full if there is no suitable Kind-Like-Quality match.


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    This is the Chimney that Fell

    Rubble from the Damages from Storm Damages

    Gutter and Roof Edge Damages

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    This Portion of the Roof is not Damaged from Storms

    The only portion of the roof damaged from the storms appears near the chimney, which is the west-facing slope. The other pitches are still old shingles but do not appear to have considerable storm damage. This is why we would submit that a matching policy, like the matching policy that the state of Tennessee has adopted, is imperative to compensate and restore a home like this properly.

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