Insurance claim: Tree caused roof damage

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    Matching Law in TN

    The point of the matching law to have a guideline for when an attempt is made to match the old and new shingles, and the result is not an acceptable match. The Matching Law states that faded, discolored, discontinued, or even weathered-looking shingles would all require the insurance company to replace the items in full if there is not a reasonable Kind-Like-Quality match.


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    This is the Chimney that Fell

    Rubble from the Damages from Storm Damages

    Gutter and Roof Edge Damages

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    This Portion of the Roof is not Damaged from Storms

    The only portion of the roof that was damaged from the storms appears to be near the chimney which is the west-facing slope. The other slopes are still old shingles but they do not appear to have noteworthy storm damage. This is why we would submit that a matching policy, like the matching policy that the state of Tennessee has adopted, is imperative to properly compensate and restore a home like this.

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