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This is a very unique situation for roofing, these roofs are not in great shape and have Miss installs but we have been asked to repair these roofs as best as possible so they won’t leak for 10 years. The front of the building has water over top and Gutters that is causing mold in some of the units.

recommending to replace all the front gutters with 6 inch gutters, tuneup the roofs as best as possible, remove old satellite dishes, replace ridge vents on roof, replace all pipe boots on roofs, and seal the existing flashing for every wall. The flashing on these walls is not correct so hopefully the silicone sealant will work there.

this is a big facility the roofs are in need but at this point the situation is what it is and we will try and repair the roofs and gutters as best as possible.

Lots of Repairs for Old Toofs and Gutters

  1. 1
    The flashing along all walls is not installed correctly

    Flashing along walls

    not installed properly

    Flashing along these walls is not installed correctly there’s not step flashing between each shingle.  It’s not really possible to talk about replacing the flashing without replacing the roofs. So what we will be proposing is to seal the top of the flashing and where the flashing meets the shingles as best as possible.


    The picture below shows that there’s no step flashing on these walls.

    not properly installed

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  2. 2
    Replace all the front gutters but not the downspouts

    Replace all the front gutters but not the downspouts.  This seems to be the only possible course of action here. These gutters have water that’s overtopping and getting into some of the units here. New gutters will resolve this problem.

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  3. 3
    Remove all satellite dishes on this roof

    Remove all satellite dishes on this roof and siding. The satellite dishes are part of the scope to remove and seal as best as possible on the roof and stucco.

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  4. 4
    This old metal ridge vents will be replaced with new shingle over ridge style ridge vents

    The spec calls for the ridge vents on the entire facility. Getting rid of old metal ridge vents that are prone to leak will be a nice upgrade for these buildings. Here are some pictures of the ridge vent in the current condition and the material that we will propose for these ridge fences.


    Must replace a new one

    Ridge vent

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  5. 5
    All these pipe boots need to be replaced and these roofs need to be gone over very well

    Roof pipe flashing


    As you can see from the photo their nails popping in many locations on this roof. These all need to be sealed up as best as possible. There are quite a few soft spots, we recommend unless the spots are caving in and in really horrible shape to stop whatever leak is around the soft plywood. These roofs need to be gone over very well.

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