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Warranty inspection on this gutter job revealed different problems here in Knoxville, TN. This gutter has a slight dip to it, but there’s no standing water in the gutter. I wanted to check this gutter out and ensure there was no problem with our gutter install, and I think the gutters are fine. The area that is concerning has cracking drywall inside and possibly some cracks from the foundation in the brick. Upon closer inspection, the problem is not the gutters but a hole in the siding with a light fixture allowing water to get in. A simple test removing the siding at the fixture and next to the fixture about five or 10 feet away from the fixture Shows that there are OSB boards behind the siding and that these boards are rotten below this light fixture. Leaking siding at this light fixture is an easy repair but caused problems.

This is a gutter and gutter guard job that we did a year ago

  1. 1 shutters

    Our homeowners took the suggestion of using architectural depot shutter selection.  These shutters are fantastic, and we highly recommend these guys for any of your architectural trim outside your home.


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    Stainless steel micro mesh gutter guards and new gutters

    Stainless steel micro-mesh gutter guards and new gutters. Our owner wanted to replace all the channels and gutter guards on their home to prevent squirrels from getting in and protect the foundation around the house. They get lots of compliments, and they look terrific. These gutters are bronze in color and 6 inches in size.

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Stainless steel micro mesh gutter guards

    Siding is leaking here and causing problems

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      Video of Siding Inspection

      This is a video that we did this gutter inspection and it turns out that this might be a siding leak.


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      This Lightning Fixture Caused Siding Leaks

      The leaks in the siding appear to be coming from the lighting fixture. This site lighting fixture was allowing water in and has rotting boards and causing drywall cracks and possibly some cracks in the brick as well.

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