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Owners Prefer a 3 Tab Style Shingle over Dimensional Shingles in Knoxville, TN.

A 3 tab is considered a cheaper shingle than a dimensional one. Wind ratings are not as high as dimensional shi less. The expected life with most three-tab shingles is between 15 and 20 years.

Some owners prefer the look of a 3-tab roof, and that is fine. There is nothing the matter with putting a three-tab shingle on your roof.

Litespeed Construction will propose an Owens Corning and GAF weathered wood-looking three-tab shingle to the owner of this home.

Old 3 Tab Roof Gets Proposal; Owners Prefer a 3 Tab Style Shingle over Dimensional Shingles.


3 Tab Roof

  1. 1
    Old Ridge Vents

    Old Ridge vents that need to be replaced.  Old ridge vents frequently leak.


    this is a picture of an old metal ridge vent that leaks

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  2. 2
    Old 3 Tab Shingles are Worn Out

    Old 3 tab shingles are worn out.   These shingles have a lot of granules loss.  Granule loss is one of the main signs that your roof is worn out.

    this is a picture os shingles that are worn out with most of the granules missing

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  3. 3
    Chimney Flashing is in Bad Shape

    Chimney flashing is in bad shape.  This chimney flashing is in desperate need of being replaced.


    this is a picture of a brick chimney on an old shingle roof

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Older Gutters and Gutter Guards Need to be Replaced

  1. 1
    Old Gutter Guards in Rear

    These old gutter guards will not survive on the roof.

    The gutters are in marginal shape and may not do well after roofing. Suggest replacing with new 6 inch gutters.

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Chimney Flashing and Location is a Problem

  1. 1
    Membrane Roof Matetial at Chimney

    Recommend a membrane material at this left side of chimney where the valley meats chimney.

    This is a picture of a membrane roof and this is what we are proposing

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  2. 2
    Replace all Chimney Flashing

    This is chimney flashing that has been replaced and the counter flashing up the brick work

    New chimney flashing.

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