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3 Tab Roof

  1. 1
    Old Ridge Vents

    Old Ridge vents that need to be replaced.  Old ridge vents frequently leak.


    this is a picture of an old metal ridge vent that leaks

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  2. 2
    Old 3 Tab Shingles are Worn Out

    Old 3 tab shingles are worn out.   These shingles have a lot of granules loss.  Granule loss is one of the main signs that your roof is worn out.

    this is a picture os shingles that are worn out with most of the granules missing

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  3. 3
    Chimney Flashing is in Bad Shape

    Chimney flashing is in bad shape.  This chimney flashing is in desperate need of being replaced.


    this is a picture of a brick chimney on an old shingle roof

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