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Roof Replacement for Older Home, the Owner, is Considering adding back Solar Panels

The homeowner called to advise he was ready to move forward with a roof replacement estimate. This roof has a lot of damage to the soffit and roof overhang. These damages result from poor support from corbels and the roof’s age.



This roof came out looking really nice. The roof lines came in looking gray. There is on the step flashing at the walls. We had to use a couple of different mechanisms to fix the new drip edge to the roof, but that ended up looking really nice as well.

This customer is delighted with his new roof. There’s a video of this customer and a testimonial for the new roof we installed. Also, while you’re here, this will be a GAF timberline HDZ mission brown Shingle installed on this home. This color wasn’t the first choice for this customer, but it worked, and we were in a little bit of a squeeze because of the material shortage due to Covid.

Wood soffit problems at 3 gables

  1. 1
    Wood Problem at soffit

    Note the wood is coming apart at the soffit. 

    We repaired the soffit during the construction. It came in looking good, and the customer is happy with it.

    This is a picture of a facia board that was replace for structural reasons during a roofing project that we did in Knoxville Tennessee

    This is a picture of corbels and facia after we install the roof we did not disturb this required at all and it looks great

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Aerial of Roof to Replace

  1. 1
    Owner to relocate this pipe boot

    This is a picture of a pipe boot on a section of roof that will get solar panels

    This section of the roof is getting a solar array.  

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  2. 2
    Problems with this soffit

    This soffit, roof overhang has problems.  It will need to have new fascia boards and new deck boards during roof construction.

    this is a picture of a damaged soffit of a roof that is falling

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  3. 3
    This soffit is a problem, but not as bad

    The boars for multiple locations of soffit are in bad shape.  The boards are wavy and possibly not extremely strong.

    this is a picture of a soffit that is wavy showing a wavy roofline

    this is a picture of a straight roof line and soffit

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  4. 4
    Remove this section of roofing

    This section of roofing will be removed and all bad wood repaired.  Add shingles back.  Careful attention to be paid to this area because of new solar panels.

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  5. 5
    Overlay the Rest of the Roof

    Possibly use GAF Timberline HD Charcoal shingles at home.

    GAF Timberline HDZ Charcoal SHingles

    This is a picture of GAF charcoal shingles installed on a home

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New GAF Shingles Came in Looking Great

  1. 1
    Picture of the roofline

    This roofline looked pretty good before we started this project and it looks fine afterward so we are happy that it didn’t get disturbed during construction and it’s nice and straight I was strong enough to support our workers.

    This is a picture of the roofline that is nice and straight we did not disturb this reply on during construction

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  2. 2
    New step flashing at this roof

    New step flashing at this roof.  The step flashing will prevent the roof from leaking at these walls.

    This is a picture of blue siding and a brown Shingle and there’s new step flashing on the roof replacement

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Solar System Getting Added to the Roof

  1. 1
    Customer happy with his new roof



    In the background of this main image she can see that there are quite a few rails for solar panel installation. We are not putting the solar panels in on this roof but we wanted to come stop by and take a look at the solar panels getting installed after we put the new roof on pretty cool stuff it’s great to see this happening in Knoxville and it is always a great idea to have your home reroof before you consider doing solar work. For those of you out there to all the benefits of solar but don’t want to go as far as buying a new solar system Gaf makes solar attic fan That are pretty cool.


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