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Roof Inspection with Low Slope Issues Identifies Several Potential Roof Leaks

Shingles roofs are not meant to cover the low slope of flat roof sections.  A low slope roof is considered 2:12 or more minor.  This roof is a 1:12 slope.  Shingles are not a material we recommend for this low of a sloped roof.  Leaks can occur because the water does not drain off the roof fast enough.


Roof inspection for potential buyer

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    Moss and fungus present on shingles

    In this photo, you can see the presence of lichen and fungal growth. This is very common and is known to damage shingles over time.


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    Loose gutter at front of house

    Loose gutter

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Flat roof portion inspection

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    Guttering appears functional

    Gutters appear functional

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    Hot tar or similar product on Flat Roof

    In this photo, you can see that a tar-like substance has been applied to this small section of Flat Roof. This is an acceptable solution but may need to be coated again in the near future.

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Roof vent system

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    Roof ventilation appears adequate

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