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This Knoxville home will needing new gutters along the backside of the house. It will need about 41 feet worth of new gutter. It will also be needing new fascia boards for the entire length and a portion of the soffit boards will also need to be replaced.

New Gutters, Fascia, and Soffit are Needed Badly

  1. 1
    Wood soffit and fasica are rotting and the shingles will need to be removed at the edge of the roof to repair

    Boards and shingles need to be fixed

    This area will need the wood replaced to be able to reattach the shingles that came off with the gutters.  This chimney will need to be reflashed also.  This was probably the original cause of this issue of the rotten boards.

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  2. 2
    New Soffit Boards are Needed Badly Here

    Soffit replacement
    This area will be needing the soffit replaced as it was torn down when the gutters fell.

    This is what a new vinyl soffit and gutter would look like.  It may not be in the budget to replace all the soffits on this home.  In which case we will add back new plywood soffit to match.

    this is a picture of white soffit and gutters that are underneath the overhang of a roof

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  3. 3
    New Fascia Boards

    New fascia
    The entire length of the back of the house will need new fascia boards to be able to attach the new gutters.

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  4. 4
    New Gutters Will Need To Be Installed

    New gutters
    About 41 feet of new gutters will need to be installed as the old ones will not be reusable. They sustained too much damage in the fall.

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