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OC TruDef Duration roof replacement with Copper Cupolas Sharps Chapel TN.

Copper Cupola and Copper Bay window on this home.  We replaced the roof with an Owens Corning Duration Shingle.  This roof project came in looking amazing!

Copper Cupola

  1. 1
    Install of the Copper Cupola

    This homeowner added a copper cupola or Witches’ hat to the home.  This install began with a boom truck to get the crew safely to the top safely.  


    this is a picture of a cupola on a roof that we are about to put copper standing seam on

    this is a picture of our workers on a boom lift starting work on a copper cupola

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  2. 2
    View of the Copper install

    this is the picture during the work on the copper cupola roof

    this is a picture of copper roof getting installed on a cupola

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  3. 3
    Rear view of Cupola

    this is the after photo of the of a beautiful copper standing seam roof on a cupola in sharps chapel tn

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  4. 4
    Copper Awning

    this is a before picture of a garage awning Litespeed Construction is about to install a copper roof over this cupola

    this is a picture of copper standing seam roof and our worker installing it on a boom lift in sharps chapel tn

    this is an up close of picture of copper standing seam on the garage awning before it patinas

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Litespeed Construction Installs a brand new OC TruDef Duration Shingle Roof

  1. 1
    See the strip trust the grip.

    OC TruDef Duration Shingle offers a patented SureNail Technology nail strip.  130% mph wind warranty, 200% wider common bond area.  2x bond strength.  Click the link below.

    this is a picture of an owens corning brown colored roof getting installed

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  2. 2
    OC Proarmor Synthetic underlayment

    OC Proarmor synthetic underlayment is durable and slips resistance which creates a safe work environment for our crew.  The underlayment also repels moisture and helps provide protection against water infiltration.

    this is a picture of owens corning synthetic roof felt Litespeed Construction is installing

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  3. 3
    The shingle portion is complete.

    The roof looks great with these shingles and the homeowner has peace of mind with the valuable product. 

    this is a picture of a home that is about to get copper on the cupola, the shingle portion of the roof is complted

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Shiney copper before it begins to patina

  1. 1
    Flashing is cut into wall and sealed with clear silicone do you wo

    This copper project came in looking amazing our customer is extremely happy.! Copper begins to burnish and patina 3 to 6 months after it has been installed unless you use some type of Accelerator to cause it to patina quicker. 

    Shiney copper metal roof is sealed into bricks

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