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Copper Cupola

  1. 1
    Install of the Copper Cupola

    This homeowner added a copper cupola or Witches’ hat to the home.  This install began with a boom truck to get the crew safely to the top safely.  


    this is a picture of a cupola on a roof that we are about to put copper standing seam on

    this is a picture of our workers on a boom lift starting work on a copper cupola

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  2. 2
    View of the Copper install

    this is the picture during the work on the copper cupola roof

    this is a picture of copper roof getting installed on a cupola

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  3. 3
    Rear view of Cupola

    this is the after photo of the of a beautiful copper standing seam roof on a cupola in sharps chapel tn

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  4. 4
    Copper Awning

    this is a before picture of a garage awning Litespeed Construction is about to install a copper roof over this cupola

    this is a picture of copper standing seam roof and our worker installing it on a boom lift in sharps chapel tn

    this is an up close of picture of copper standing seam on the garage awning before it patinas

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