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Litespeed Construction inspects leaks at the roof coming from the gutter. This is a steep two-story home with a four-foot section of gutter coming from the second story. The gutter is butting up against the roof, and there is no downspout for the water to exit. The water is building up in the gutter and pushing back up against the shingles causing leaks in a closet inside the home. We will be cutting the gutter back one inch and installing an end cap. We will also install a downspout to divert the water to the lower gutter.

Leak Coming From Gutter

  1. 1
    Debris Stuck In Gutter

    This gutter is collecting debris as there is nowhere for it to go.

    This is a picture of black debris that has collected in an almond color gutter

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  2. 2
    Water Has Nowhere To Go

    Water and debris have nowhere to go in this gutter. Water collects and pushes back up against the shingles, causing the leak. This will need a downspout installed to divert water to the lower gutter.

    This is a picture of an lemons color gutter with no cutout for the water

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  3. 3
    End Cap Needed

    This gutter will be cut back one inch and have an end cap installed.

    This is a picture of an almond color gutter that is butting up against the roof.

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