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Leak Coming From Gutter

  1. 1
    Debris Stuck In Gutter

    This gutter is collecting debris as there is nowhere for it to go.

    This is a picture of black debris that has collected in an almond color gutter

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  2. 2
    Water Has Nowhere To Go

    Water and debris have nowhere to go in this gutter. Water collects and pushes back up against the shingles, causing the leak. This will need a downspout installed to divert water to the lower gutter.

    This is a picture of an lemons color gutter with no cutout for the water

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  3. 3
    End Cap Needed

    This gutter will be cut back one inch and have an end cap installed.

    This is a picture of an almond color gutter that is butting up against the roof.

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