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How to fix a Rubber Roof with Leaks. This rubber roof has numerous leaks. These leaks occur near a drain and the nearest section of the roof that is pushing up and possibly causing a leak. This rubber is perhaps serviceable and can be maintained, but it will have more leaks because there is a lot of standing water, and rubber roofs or not as good as was standing water as TPO roofs.

There are two possible ways to repair this roof: coat the area where the leaks are occurring and repair the raised section of the roof and the roof drain.

The second way to repair this roof is to add a TPO membrane over the top of the existing roof and make the same repairs to the drain and the raised roof sections.

Rubber roof with ponding water leaks

  1. 1
    This is a picture of the hump in this rubber roof

    Flat roof picture with standing water

    This rubber roof has got 2 locations where there are raised sections or humps.

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  2. 2
    Video of roof inspection
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This is an aerial view of this rubber roof

  1. 1
    This is the specific location where this rubber roof leaks

    This is the specific location where this rubber roof leaks.  The water this planning is probably causing some of the roof leak here, it could also be leaking at the drain. There will most likely be additional roof leaks if this roof is just patch so it’s best to think of the coding option around this area of leak as a temporary repair. For the first estimate we are proposing this will be approximately 20’ x 20’ of coding along with repairs to the drain and to the raise roof portions.

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  2. 2
    Standing water on a rubber roofs bad

    Standing water on a rubber roofs bad. The water that is the word standing on the awning at this rubber roof is on the end of the awning. That is why we will suggest to replace this entire roof. The best way to repair this will be to put TPO over the entire roof maintain the existing drip edge metal.

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    This is a video of this roof

    This is a video of this roof.  Just talks about the ponding water on this rubber roof and also shows the area of roof leak.

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