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This room has a few minor details that we need to correct. I also need to do some roof inspections because of several comments from the home inspector.


The home inspector found a drip edge missing on Gables, but the drip edge was made out of the facia metal. The home inspector found some belts partially blocking Ruth Anne’s from the inside. And there are one or two small pieces of flashing that need to be added or manipulated.

These 2 vents have some felt that is partial blocking air flow

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    These vents are partially blocked from the inside

    Attic exhaust vents need to be clear in order for hot air to move efficiently from the attic

    In this photo, you can see that the synthetic underlayment partially works the exhaust fans' opening. This will need to be cut away from the inside attic.

    This is a picture of a brown roof with a round roof vent in it


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The drip edge here is made out of the facia metal on this roof

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    Drip edge is used at the eaves of the roof

    This is a picture of brown drip edge at the eve of the roof for the gutters are

    So we put drip edge where we could which was at the eaves of the roof, this is where the roof meets the gutters. The facia metal on the Gables or the end of the roof has drip edge that is made out of the facia metal, this is more of a kick out than a drip edge but it serves the same purpose.

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Roof inspection items front of house

    Roof inspection items front of house

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      Add flashing at lower roof edge

      A small piece of custom bent flashing added to this back corner will seal the exposed decking

      A small piece of custom bent facia metal will seal up this lower roof corner.

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      Diverter at lower gutter appears functional

      A small diverter was added next to the wall at the lower gutter to divert water into the gutter and prevent it from seeping between the siding in the endcap.

      A diverter at the edge of gutter is preventing water from seeping between the endcap at the end of the gutter and the vinyl siding

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