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Apartment Complex Roof Inspection in Knoxville, TN. We did an apartment complex roof inspection in Knoxville, Tennessee. These are 10-year-old roofs that need to be looked at either four times or two times per year. The gutters are full of multiple locations, and we suggest that a service agreement with a roof warranty will make a lot of sense for all of these buildings.

Shingles laid incorrectly on a three tab roof

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    Video of roof inspection on apartment complex roof

    Video of roof inspection on an apartment complex roof.  We are proposing a service agreement on these roofs to clean gutters, and Ruth inspected either twice or four times per year.

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    Picture of misaligned shingles on a three tab roof

    This is a picture of shingles that are misaligned on a gray colored roof

    This is a picture of a roof with some slight misalignment of the shingles. This is not uncommon, and not there is not necessarily a problem.

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    All pipe boots have nails that need to get recovered

    All pipe boots have nails that need to get recovered.


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Gutters need to be maintained on apartment complex roof

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    All of these gutters are full and their problems with the gutter guards


    This is pictures of this portion of the roof that has a lot of tree coverage showing that gutters are getting filled up. Gutters that overflow can cause problems to the foundation of a building and this could be a huge problem down the road.

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Different types of siding facia and soffit problems with these buildings

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    There are several problems on every building with soffit facia and gutter

    It seems like every building in this apartment complex has problems with their facia their soffit siding and their gutter. Service agreement would be something that can help assist with these problems.


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