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Tree damage on 3 tab shingle roof Maryville, TN

A tree struck a residential three-tab shingle roof during a wind storm.  This wind-damaged roof also sustained damages to the framing under the roof and the soffit portion of the roof line.  This is an insurance claim situation where we inspect the roof to help properly scope the damages for the insurance company.

Busted sheathing and framing from storm damage

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    Tree impact and damage to house top view

    From the top, you can see that the roof is damaged but cannot see how weak and spongy the roof structure is. Upon further investigation, walking across this area, I discovered a lot of movement, likely due to damages not visible from outside. 

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Inadequate ventilation. There are no ridge vents or powered vents present on this roof

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    Lack of ventilation cooks roofs and deck

    Here, you can see the lack of ridge vent and signs of worn-out plywood or decking. Excessive heat can speed this process.

    lack of ventilation

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