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Sun tunnels brighten up any room in Knoxville, TN.

Litespeed Construction installed sun tunnels in this home which made a huge difference.  Velux 14-inch sun tunnel was used.  The sun tunnel is installed in the bathroom of this home.  The homeowner was very pleased.

Sun Tunnel Brightens Up A Bathroom

  1. 1
    Sun tunnel from the roof

    Looking down through the flex tube that allows light to travel from the roof through the attic and to the ceiling unit in the house.

    this is a picture of the sun tunnel from the roof

    this is a picture of the reflective tubing between the roof and the inside of this bathroom for the sun tunnel


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  2. 2
    Just after finishing the install.

    I hadn’t taken pictures before, but this bathroom was pitch black. As you can see, the difference is truly night and day.


    this is showing the illumination of a 14 inch velux sun tunnel after we installed it in the bathroom

    velux sun tunnel is letting light into this bathroom

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    customer testimonial


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