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Sun tunnels are a great way to bring light into your dark rooms with dropped drywall ceilings

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    The sun tunnels resemble a large can light on your ceiling

    Before and after photo of a sun tunnel installed in a dark room. It really brightens things up! Sun tunnels can bring light into places that you would not expect throughout your home

    In this photo, you can see an example of the interior portion of the skylight installed in a living room ceiling shedding lots of light!

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    Sun tunnel components diagram

    In the diagram, you can see different components of the Sun tunnel. The dome protruding through the roof and the rigid piping carrying the light down into the house meeting the sun tunnel lens

    Here, you can see the different parts of the sun tunnel system. The dome on top protrudes through the roof, capturing the light. The rigid tubing carries the light down to the ceiling, which attaches to the lens. 

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