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Facia wrap, vinyl soffits and new gutters needed

  1. 1
    Water damaged soffits and facia caused by malfunctioning gutters

    In these pictures, you can see that the original soffits are made of OSB pressboard and are not vented. It appears that the gutters have overtopped and water has rotted out the wooden soffits

    Here, you can see another example of the soffits showing signs of water damage and rot. Vinyl soffits with facia metal wrap will remedy this issue and also have a very nice look for potential buyers.

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  2. 2
    Here is an example of what a combination vented and non-vented soffit can look like

    Vented and non-vented combination soffits allow your attic to breathe in combination with ridge vent, Easy to clean and maintain and will not rot.

    In this picture, you can see that some of the vinyl soffits are solid and some of her perforations. These perforations are called vented soffit and the solid pieces are called the non-vented soffit. They are easy to clean and are impermeable to rot. 

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    Facia metal as it relates to soffit and gutters

    Wrapping your facia wood with aluminum trim coil metal not only dresses it up but also protects it from the elements, preventing rot and water damage. It also serves as a retainer for your soffit, giving it a nice clean finished look.  Gutters will then be attached over the facia metal.

    Soffit, facia metal and gutter systems are not only attractive, but also very practical. They serve as a protector for your facia wood and also retain the soffit vinyl giving it a nice finished look

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