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Shingles are Ineffective on Flat Roofs in Knoxville, TN

This home has shingles over a flat roof.  Shingles and metal roofs are not designed to perform well on flat roofs.  This led Litespeed Construction to recommend using a membrane roof like TPO or EPDM to cover this flat portion of roofing.  Membrane roofs are better for low-slope commercial and residential roofing systems.

Leaking Roof in Rear of Home

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    Leaks and Rot on Flat Roofs

    Flat roofs do not typically do well with shingles installed. A flat roof is considered 2/12 or less pitch. There are 2 areas with rotten failing boards, and the edge or eave of the roof has a lot of rot.


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    Video of Flat Roof Issues
    Roof inspection video.
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Membrane Roof needs to be flashed behind siding to properly work

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    New membrane goes behind siding

    Siding will need to be removed and membrane should be installed behind the siding.  New or old siding should be added back to the cover of the roof.

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    Rotten nails and bad shingles

    The nails are rusted and rotten.  The shingles were not properly installed either, they were stacked or racked.  

    This is an image of dimensional shingles that have damage. This is the shingle being lifted to show the nails are bad. An up close image of a shingle being lifted and the nail is rotten.

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Specifications for new TPO Membrane Roof

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    Specifications for New TPO Roof

    Strip old shingles.

    Replace rotten deck boards.

    Add Back 2” ISO insulation boards.

    Add back 60 ML TPO membrane roof over ISO boards. 

    This will not only create a new roof, but it will add R 12 insulation over a sunroom.  This will be very valuable for anyone using this space bc it will be more conditioned and comfortable!

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