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Inspection Shows: Rotten Nails back of Roof, Exposed Fiberglass Mat Front of Roof Powell TN.

This property is an HOA condo building.  The buildings have rotten nails, exposed fiberglass, and other roof concerns.  We have recommended a complete roof replacement.

Rotten Nail Heads Can be Flicked off With my Finger

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    Roof Inspection Video
    Roof inspection video.
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    The back portion of roof is tarped due to roof leaks.

    A tarp was installed on the back portion of the roof, covering current roof leaks.  Roof leaks are occurring because of rotten roof nails.

    This is an image of a blue tarp on the roof to prevent leaking.

    This is an image of a roof at the ridge showing the roof is in bad condition.

    This is an image showing a nail head that was rotten and rusted and was able to brush the nail head off with our finger.

    An up close image of a rusted, rotted nail head on the roof.

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Front of Roof Has Exposed Fiberglass Mat

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    Other examples of Fiberglass Mat

    The front of the roof is west facing and will age faster.  It is in very bad shape. There are several areas that have exposed fiberglass mat. 

    This is a view of a shingle with exposed fiber mat.

    This is a view of a shingle with exposed fiberglass mat. This is a picture of shingles color weathered wood with exposed fiberglass mat.

    This is a picture of a shingled that has exposed fiberglass mat with a chalk outline around it.

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