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The Gutters on this home will fall off during a roof job

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    Old Gutter Hangers are Pulling Out

    These gutters are in very bad shape you can see this is a picture of gutter hangers that are pulling out from the facia

    These are old-style gutter hangers that are in very bad shape and pulling away from the facia. These gutters will definitely not make any type of a Roofing cycle they will fall off of this house.

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    No gutters for part of the roofline

    As you can see here there are no gutters on the right side of this home. They have come off and I’ve fallen due to old age and wear. The rest of the gutters are in terrible shape and need to be replaced as well. Litespeed construction is proposing to replace the gutters and the facia medal at the eaves of the roof.

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    Chimney needs to be reflashed

    This Chimney is in decent shape but as you can see from the picture it needs to be re-flashed

    The stones of this chimney are in pretty good shape. This is a Stackstone style chimney. The flashing needs to be replaced completely when this property is reroofed.

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