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Rotten Roof Edge

  1. 1
    Edge of Roof has Rotten Boards

    Plywood soffit at roof esge

    Plywood soffit

    The edges of this roof have overhanging rafter tales that are supporting a combination of tongue and groove boards roof decking OSB and other random wood that is mostly and partially rotten. The edges of this roof definitely need to be replaced. The photo that shows tongue and groove Boards is the third photo and is The look that we are proposing. The owner doesn’t want to consider any other soffit including vinyl soffit. So tongue and groove at the eaves of the main house makes a lot of sense.

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  2. 2
    The facia boards are in very good shape

    The facia boards are in very good shape.  Just because the edges of the roof are rotten does it mean the facia boards have to be. We are suggesting to keep the facia boards fill in any holes that might have happened because a carpenter bees and paint them with a heavy glossy paint. New gutters would make a lot of sense and we are going to propose them at the edges of this Roof.

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