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Roof replacement with shingles funded by insurance in Knoxville, TN.

This home had storm damage to the roof.  Litespeed construction brought these damages to our owner’s attention.  Once the claim was filed with the insurance company, Litespeed Construction and Fred Russi handled the rest.

We installed a new dimensional shingle on this home and built a roof that will last for our customers!


Wind damage roof replacement

  1. 1
    Ice and water shield in valleys

    We install ice and water shield in the valleys to prevent leaks.

    This is a view from the ground of the roof deck boards.

    This is a view of the roof with one of the installers on the roof.

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  2. 2
    Site prep clean up

    The installers place tarps around the house to catch debris and shingles.  They will then take the tarps and dispose of the shingles in the dumpster.

    This is a view of blue tarps on the ground with old shingles that have been removed from the roof.

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