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Historic Home in Knoxville Tennessee with Two Layers of Shingles in Need of Replacement

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    Metal valleys for Davinci Slate composite

    Davinci roofing systems are installed with metal valleys and can add beauty as well as dependability to your roofing system

    The house is very old.  built around 1900.  It currently has two layers of shingles and some active leaks.  We are considering applying Davinci Slate look shingles

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    Davinci rakes and eaves get special attention, complete with edge pieces that encapsulate roof edge

    Rake tiles are installed at the roof's edge to seal and add beauty and definition.

    Davinci roofing systems are great looking.  These particular shingles look like real slate.  There is a lot of detail and labor involved with

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    This roof has several facets and is a fairly complicated design. This type of roof generally includes a larger percentage of waste.

    Here, you can see that there are several facets and complicated areas in this home.  There will be many areas with extra flashing and detail.

    complicated roofing will be challenging for installers

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    Durable and attractive Davinci Slate look tiles are durable and very atrtractive!

    Davinci slate look tiles are very low almost no maintenance.  They are attractive and extremely durable

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