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After Photos of Owens Corning Supreme Driftwood Shingle Install

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    New Shingles And New Roof

    This is a picture of new ridge vent on a gray colored roof There’s a picture of a condo roof tying into the Neighbor in Roof This is a picture of a new roof that is just been installed

    This roofing system is an Owens Corning supreme driftwood shingles. It has synthetic underlayment new ridge vent and new drip edge for the entire roof. Here are a few of the images of the roof after construction.

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    Roof Deck Boards are in Good Shape

    This is a picture of a roof deck and the OSB boards that will be underneath the shingles This is a picture of roof deck board clips This is a picture of a roof deck board that is in good shape

    These images are of roof deck boards during a re-roof project. These deck boards are in good shape you can see clips holding the boards together. There is no rot or failure in these roof boards.

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