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Roof Replacement on a 15-Year-Old Dimensional Shingle Roof. This is a service called roof repair on a roof that is approximately 15 years old. This is the house’s original roof, and there were quite a few issues with this dimensional shingle. The main point was several nails popped in the area of the leak call. We sealed these nail pops up to stop the roof leak. One of the big problems that we discovered was Shingles in the valley had been cut too deep, possibly causing problems and leaks in the roof valleys. Take a look.

Dimentonal Shingle Roof has issues with Vallies

  1. 1
    Crack in the Valley

    These roof valleys have seen better days. The installers of this roof cut the shingles of the valley too deep. This causes cracking of valley shingles and the possibility of roof leaks.     


    This is a photo of grey dimensional shingles that have a major cracks in the vallies

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  2. 2
    Huge crack and shingle Valley

    Huge crack and shingle Valley. This single valley has huge cracks in it. This is towards the front of the home and not near the leak; this is among the worst cracks in the valley I’ve ever seen.

    Huge cracks in a shingle Valley can cause roof leaks

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This is the part of the roof that had a leak and there’s several different nail pops causing this roof leak that we repaired

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    Pictures of nails popping causing reflex that litespeed construction repaired

    This is a part of a roof that has nails that are popping that should be causing roof leaks

    Nail pops are the most common types of roof leaks

    This roof had many nails pops in the area that we were working.  These dimensional shingles are not aging as well as they could.

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