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Roof inspection west Knoxville

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    Roof inspection video
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    Roof report

    Roof inspection in west Knoxville shows that shingles have between two and five years left before we recommend a complete roof replacement. We checked for any problems that might occur in the near future such as nail pops, sliding shingles, and wind damage caused to shingles and there were no signs of immediate attention. There are pipe boots that are in good condition and the gutters look to be in good condition with the exception of one nail needing to be added to the lower gutter section in the front.

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    Roof Inspection in west Knoxville TN reveals cracked osb boards

    This is on the front garage slope of this roof. It is a cracked OSB board that can lead to problems in the future, similar to a rotten OSB board.

    Roof inspection revealed the damage. That’s why we performed this roof inspection in West Knoxville, Tennessee.

    Roof inspection in West Knoxville Tennessee shows cracking roof deck boards

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    Roof inspection video in West Knoxville Tennessee

    Roof inspection video in West Knoxville Tennessee. 

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