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All the things wrong with this roof

  1. 1
    ridge cap riddled with nails

    Ridge cap shingles covered in nails and caulk is failing. Why is this ridge cap covered in pins? Well, that’s a good question; the answer is there is no good reason for these nails to be here. These need to be replaced before it begins leaking.

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  2. 2
    Skylights not step flashed.

    this is a picture of gray colored shingles between 2 skylights in sevierville tn

    this is a picture showing new shingles next to old shingles where a skylight has been repaired in sevierville tn

    pictures of new shingles at skylights where there have been repairs done to stop roof leaks in sevierville tn

    Skylights are not properly step flashed, causing water penetration and roof decking to become rotted. That’s why you see the roof bowing downward between Skylights.

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  3. 3
    improper pipe boot installation

    this is a picture of a pipe boot on a roof that was mis installed and has a lot of caulking and roofing cement around it

    roofing cement and caulking around a pipe boot that was mis installed in sevierville tn

    this pipe boot is not nailed correctly to this roof it looks to be held in place by caulk and roofing cement in sevierville

    this is roofing cement holding an old pipe boot in place that was mis installed in sevierville tn

    Pipe boots are not installed correctly. The top of the pipe boot should be under the shingles leaving the bottom exposed, acting like a shingle. This way, the water sheds off correctly.

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  4. 4
    Time for new flashing

    this is a lot of roofing cement and caulk around a chimney that was an attempt to stop a roof leak in sevierville tn

    this is chimney flashing that has been caulked and cemented to try and stop a roof leak in sevierville tn

    this is a really bad caulking job on this brick chimney in sevierville tn

    This chimney flashing is old and has leaked in the past. The 5 layers of caulk are evidence of that. This flashing should be removed or covered with new flashing and step flashing. 

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