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Older roof inpsection

  1. 1
    Granule loss, exposed nails

    As you can see, this roof requires a replacement.  The shingles have significant granule loss.  You can also see exposed nails. 


    This is an image of shingles at the ridge of the roof.

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  2. 2
    Tarp on roof is a temporary fix.

    A tarp can help prevent leaks from getting into the house; however, a tarp on the roof should be a temporary fix to stop an emergency leak.  This is not a permanent fix. 


    This is a picture of the roof showing the chimney, the ridge and the two slopes of the roof.

    This is a picture of the slope of the roof with a pipe boot and the remnants of a tarp that is left on the roof.

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  3. 3
    Shingles have met their life expectancy

    As you can see, this roof has significant granule loss, which can happen over time.  This roof is in dire need of being replaced.  Shingles have a life expectancy.  But as with most things, proper maintenance and care will help with the life of your roof. 


     This is a picture of the shingles that have granule loss.

    This is a picture of the edge of the roof with gutters.  In the gutters is standing water and debris.

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