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Knoxville,  TN
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Roof inspection in Knoxville TN. This roof appears to be in pretty good shape overall. A low slope area in the rear is not ideal but does not appear to be problematic. The chimney flashing is in poor condition and likely causing leaks.

Roof inspection, older three tab roof in fair condition with some minor issues

  1. 1
    Low slope roof area with leaking chimney flashing

    Repairs have been attempted around the chimney flashing on this low slope roof in Knoxville TennesseeThe low slope area on this three tab shingle roof does not appear to be having trouble, however the flashing around the chimney is causing some problems in this area
    In this photo, you can see some attempted repairs on this chimney flashing. The decking boards are a little soft around it, indicating that there has been some leakage over the years here. It can be so tricky to correct because of the low slope

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  2. 2
    Repair attempts

    Roof vent patchwork Some  repair attempts have been made with some kind of spray on adhesiveSpray sealant has been applied around boots and penetrationsIn these photos, you can see that spray sealant has been applied to random and targeted areas in an attempt to avoid or stop leaks in the past.  This would be a temporary fix at best

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  3. 3
    Flashing and counter flashing appear to be installed correctly

    Flashing step flashing and counter flashing appear to be intact and installed properly

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    Drip edge is installed on the eaves

    Drip edge was installed originally on the eaves. This is a big plus and protects the edge of the roof
    The drip edge helps protect the wood underneath the shingles on the edge of the roof. It is installed on the eaves and is a big plus.

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    Inspection video
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