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We inspected this roof, and the roof inspection was performed after an insurance claim was filed. Another roofing contractor handled the claim previously, and it did not go well. The owner has a tarp on the roof and wants to talk about getting the leaks to stop and possibly doing a roof replacement. Take a look at this inspection of the roof.

Tarp over Roof Leak

  1. 1
    This tarp is covering a roof leak

    The roof leak occurs because some shingles might’ve blown off the roof. Another company came and tarp this area. This was not enough to compel the insurance company to pay for the whole roof though.

    The photos below were taken during repairs to this roof. The tarp had blown off. There were really no missing shingles to speak of on this roof, but all the ridge vents need to be replaced in a major way.! The installed tarp causes more damage than it prevents it because it appears this roof leak could’ve been repaired by some simple service call instead of a big tarp on this roof.


    This is a picture of a gray roof with a hole in it and I’m pointing out the hole This is a picture of a cut and a ridge vent and a roof with gray shingles we are about to put the Ridgevent back on

    These ridge vents are going on. This is a New Shingle over plastic ridge vent install, and they look great. And I’m going to protect our roof from leaks and lay the attic space much better than the old metal ridge vents.

    This is a picture of a ridge vent that is gray in color at the peak of the roof Grey colored shingle that goes over ridge vent

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    No wind damage shingles on the back of the roof

    The Roof Inspection showed No wind damage shingles on the back of the roof. The front of the roof look pretty good as well other than the fact that there might’ve been some shingles that were missing underneath this tarp. The roof leak might’ve been occurring at the metal ridge vent as well. And there was also a section that was leaking because of a bad pipe boot.


    The video below was taken during the roof repair.

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Inspecting this roof for Storm Damages

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    Roof Inspection Video

    We performed an inspection of this roof to see if there was any significant storm damage. Didn’t really notice any from what I was seeing and wanted to make sure that this is available for others. The tarp is covering some sort of a roof leak in the video.

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  2. 2
    This roof inspection shows some worn out shingle

    The shingles are worn out due to old age and not really hail damage or wind damage.

    This is a picture of a gray shingle that is beginning to wear out This is a picture of a gray shingle that is missing granules in the granular’s are in the gutters of the roof

    There are a lot Of granules that have been shared from the roof and are in the gutters.

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