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Litespeed construction is a roofing contractor in Knoxville, TN. We were called out to look at a property with many needs on the exterior of the buildings. The roofs were placed around 8 to 10 years ago, but that was the last main instead apparently occurred here. These properties have soffit facia and gutter needs in a major way. They all also have significant problems with the siding and windows. The windows don’t appear to have been flashed correctly and have loud water and many locations throughout the walls. This can be a major problem because it can cause unforeseen issues with the property. So this inspection began with a roof they should soffit and gutter inspection. Still, I wanted to try and help this customer understand the entire issues that were occurring cause their certainly window and siding issues. Problems with the foundation call are possibly not significant problems but still problems. And there was an engineer in the firm that came out to inspect the foundation of this property and any potential water issues that might have occurred over the years.

This wall has possible foundation problems

  1. 1
    This corner has some brick failure

    These bricks are just a façade – the blocks below appear to be strong and sound, but it is not totally clear whether or not they are, and this would be on this particular side and the backside of this building.

    This is a picture of problems with brick on the foundation

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  2. 2
    This wall has a little heaving

    This wall has a little heaving.

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Stairwells gave some rust but seem to be ok

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    Here’s a few photos of the stairwells

    There is some rust at some of the steel stairwells that are being inspected This is a picture of some rust on steel stairwells This is a picture of stairwells the litespeed construction is expecting

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Window may have been leaking into walls

    Siding is not flashed correctly

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      These walls have ham possible problems for many years

      This is a picture of a stack stone wall next to a window where there is a big crack I can let water into this building in Knoxville Tennessee This is a wall that has grey siding and stones in Knoxville tn This is a picture of Stackstone siding next to T1 11 siding on a mark apartment complex in Knoxville Tennessee

      big cracks at the walls Have probably been letting water in for many many years. The windows also have been leaking possibly as well.

      This is a picture of a window with some rotten trim boards in Knoxville Tennessee This is a picture of the rotten window in Knoxville Tennessee

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    All fascia soffit and gutters have fallen off

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      Video of building inspection

      Video of building inspection.


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      All facia soffit and gutters are falling off the building

      All facia soffit and gutters are falling off the building.  They will all need to be replaced and repaired. There are many locations where all the facia boards have long since fallen off the building as well.

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