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Residential Home That Needs New Roof In Oak Ridge, TN. This residential roof in Oak Ridge, TN, needs to be redone. It looks like parts of the top were previously renovated. Has damaged shingles all across the ceiling. It will also require new gutters all across the home.

Missing shingles in residential home in Oak Ridge Tn

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    Video of residential home that needs new roof in Oak Ridge TN
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Damaged shingles

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    Residential roof with damaged shingles.

    Shingles that have been damaged, missing pieces throughout the roof.

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New gutters will be necessary

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    New gutters will need to be installed

    The residential home will be needing new gutters as they are all missing across the entire home.

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Residential home with damaged shingles

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    Shingles that have been damaged

    Residential roof with damaged shingles. One of many damage spots, home will need new roof.

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