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Shingle roof on historic home in Knox

  1. 1
    Bad siding at wall

    Bad siding where fascia meets the wall.  This will need new step flashing and siding repair

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  2. 2
    Flat portion will need some pitch correction and likely some new wood. Shingles are in bad condition otherwise

    Small flat roof portion needs a little pinch and new membrane and coping

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  3. 3
    Bad flashing and missing chimney caps at chimneys

    Bad flashing and missing chimney cap at chimneys

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  4. 4
    This project has over 35 facets. We will need to apply ice and water shield and pay special attention to wall flashings and penetrations

    This roof is steep and cut up.  There are over 35 facets

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  5. 5
    Top view video
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