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Relacing vs Repair an Old Roof Deck

  1. 1
    Deck Board Replacement - Rafter Repair

    this is a picture of the deck boards that are getting installed on this roof

    this is a picture showing how bad of condition that the old roof deck was in


    This area had a leak that was caused because of a couple of reasons.  The problem couldn’t be resolved without reroofing the front of this home.

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  2. 2
    This Area of Roof Deck was BAD Also

    On the right side of the front of this roof is also needed to be replaced.

    there are big gaps and some of the old roof deck boards are beginning to separate in knoxville tn

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  3. 3
    Too Many Gaps in Roof Deck Boards

    There were too many gaps in the deck boards of this roof. The deck boards above the 2 dormers were some of the worst locations.

    there are big gaps in these old roof deck boards and we put new plywood over this roof in knoxville tn

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  4. 4
    The Roof Deck Condition in General

    The owners decided they wanted the security of new boards instead of keeping the old boards and renailing them down.

    there were rotten rafters and boards on this section of the roof we repaired the rafters and replaced the rotten boards

    this is a picture of the old roof boards of a shingle roof at the edge of a roof line in knoxville tn

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