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Rental Property Roof replacement in Knoxville, TN.

We inspected this shingled roof with multiple layers. We are recommending a roof replacement and new gutters.

Roof Inspection

  1. 1
    Damaged Gutters

    You can see here the condition of the gutters is poor and would most likely be damaged during the tear of the roof.  We recommend replacing the gutters. 

    This is a view of white gutters that have leaves and debris in the gutters.


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  2. 2
    Flashing concerns

    The flashing nails are pulling out of the roof.  We would correct this at the time of the installation of the new roof. 

    This is an image of flashing where the nails are pulling out of the roof.


    This is a picture of shingles that meets flashing at the roof.

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  3. 3
    Older shingles and mulitple layers.

    This roof has multiple layers, and the shingles are worn and need to be replaced. 


    This is a picture of a roof with a green tarp on it.

    This is a view of the chimney and ridge of the roof.

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