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Puddling water and leaks on commercial flat roof Knoxville Tn.

It is never good when a roof has standing water on it.  This EPDM roof has a large amount of standing water and will be impossible to stop future or current roof leaks from occurring.  The suggested repair to fix this roof ponding is to build more slope on the roof and to put a new TPO membrane roof on.

Commercial flat roof holding water. EPDM Membrane

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    Large puddles of standing water

    this is a picture of some roofing cement on a black epdm rubber roof

    In this photo, you can see that this section along with much of the roof is completely covered in standing water. In some places, it is more than 2 inches. This can be very problematic for EPDM roofing systems.  If even the smallest puncture is beneath the water, it will eventually try to drain through. In the winter, this could turn to ice causing excessive expansion and contraction of the membrane and the seams.

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    A tapered TPO membrane roofing system can solve all your roof problems

    this is a picture of a tapered iso board system this is what this roof needs to prevent it from ponding

    worker working on commercial roofing system that has tapered iso boards

    In the photos above, you can see a tapered system that we installed recently in Maryville, Tennessee. It is designed to move the water to a guttering system on one side of the building. Crickets are then added to channel water directly into the scupper drains.  The pitch allows for the water to move off the building efficiently well the welded seams and boots ensure a sound roof with permanent bonds. This is my ideal recommendation for your roof problems.

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    Video inspection
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