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Older roof with multiple shingle layers and leaks  Powell, TN.

HOA manages this home.  The roof has several layers and possible rotten deck boards.  The back portion has multiple leaks, and our recommendation is roof replacement.

Problems with the Front and Back of this Roof

  1. 1
    Front of Roof is in Bad Shape

    this is a picture of a weathered wood colored shingle that has lots of blistering and cracking

    this is a close up picture of a shingle that has exposed fiberglass because of blistering

    this is a picture of old weathered wood colored shingles that are blistering and in failure


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  2. 2
    Rotten Nails on Back of Roof

    The back of the roof, for some reason, has rotten nails. You can see me flicking nail heads off with my fingernails.

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  3. 3
    Multiple Ceiling Stains from Roof Leaks

    You can see 4 locations with ceiling stains from multiple roof leaks.

    here is one of the roof leak ceiling stains

    here is another roof leak and ceiling stain

    here is another roof leak that is causing ceiling stains

    here is a ceiling stain in the hallway of this home

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