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Old Shingle roof meets porch roof with leaks Knoxville, TN

Older shingle roof meets the porch roof that was installed improperly and is causing leaks. Portions of the rest of this roof are low slope.

The roof leaks where this meets can be caused by the way the shingles were tied together.  This is inspected during our roof inspection of this property.

Old dimensional roof with improper transition to porch addition

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    2/12 pitch is less than ideal but accept

    2/12 pitch is less than ideal but acceptable

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    Debris buildup in the valleys

    Debris gathering and building and valleys can lead to water retention and leaks in valleys. Ice and water shield installed here will protect against leaks.

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    Plastic gutter guards

    Quality gutter guards installed here can help ensure keep gutters free and clear of leaves. Drip edge installed at eaves and rakes can help prevent water penetration and rot on the decking.

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Improper transition from roof to porch addition

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