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This is an older shingle that needs to be replaced in Knoxville Tennessee. This is a Dimensional Shingle that has a few missing shingles and is not in great shape. The backside of the roof is an a little worse shape than the front. This is an interesting study because the backside of the roof is eastern facing and is in substantially worse condition then the front of the roof which is Western facing. This is not normal, typically the western Side of the roof where is out much quicker than the eastern side. Because of expected weather conditions. On this roof as per mention the eastern facing slope does not have felt, the customer alerted us to this and this could be a cost for the shingles wearing out faster.

West side of this roof vs east side of the roof

  1. 1
    This is the back side of this home or the east facing side.

    This is a little unusual that the east-facing side of this roof is worn out so much more than the rest. But it is the case here. You can see from the photos that the shingles have substantial granule loss and it is in very bad shape. Also, you’ll notice that there are a lot of areas where the fiberglass mat of the shingle is showing.

    East facing section of this roof is worn out

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  2. 2
    There’s a picture of the front of the roof that is west facing

    The west facing side of this Ruth is in better shape than the back side which is east facing

     There’s a picture of the front of the roof that is west facing.

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  3. 3
    There is soft metal damage to these pipe caps in this roof

    There is soft metal damage to these pipe caps from hail

    This is called collateral damage on a roof and as when there are Helmart’s on South Metal to represent that there has been a hail storm that is hit this roof. These things are one of the main things that property gestures look at when a roof is not clearly hailing impact it on the shingles.

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